This is the official web site of Chinese United Methodist Church of San Antonio (圣安东尼奥华人卫理教会) located at
6487 Whitby Road, San Antonio, TX 78240-2131.

Our Mission

Friday Bible Study: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Sunday Service: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Our mission is to carry out the great commission of making devoted disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ starting from San Antonio but ultimately to other parts of the world.

Though we seek to minister mainly to the Chinese community, we welcome and encourage people from other ethnic groups to join us in worshiping and serving our Lord Jesus Christ in our church.


Sunday Service Bulletin: January. 16, 2015


San Antonio Chinese United Methodist Church
Perry Chapel, Methodist Mission Home

6487 Whitby Road, San Antonio, TX 78240

Tel: (210) 694-5477, Website: www.cumcsa.org

January 16, 2015


Order of Worship

序樂 (安靜默禱) Prelude雅比斯的禱告-- 司琴 Pianist

宣召* Call to Worship ----------------------- 司會 Presider

讚美* Praise: 聖詩 Hymn 268 感謝神

Thanks to God for my redeemer --- 會眾 Congregation

祈禱* Prayer ----------------------------------- 司會 Presider

主禱文* Lord's Prayer ------------------------ 會眾 Congregation

啟應經文Responsive Readings:

詩篇 Psalm 100 ---------------------- 會眾Congregation

兒童節目Children Program

Jesus loves me, this I know -------- 兒童 Children

讀經 Scripture: *馬太福音 Matthew 5: 13--16

腓立比書 Philippians 3: 13--14 ----- 司會 Preside

聖詩 Hymn 我的一生在你手中------------- 會眾 Congregation

見證 Witness: 李元皓 (Chris Lee)

詩歌 Hymn 一生一世 -------------------- 會眾 Congregation

見證 Witness宋丰嵋 (Frank Song)

詩歌 Hymn 你的恩典夠我用 ------------ 會眾 Congregation

見證 Witness: Nathan Glasgow

詩歌 Hymn 豐盛的應許 ------------------- 會眾 Congregation

歡迎報告 Welcome & Announcement----- 司會 Presider

奉獻 Offering & Prayer: 聖詩 Hymn 293-- 會眾 Congregation

三一頌* Doxology ---------------------------- 會眾 Congregation

結束禱告 Conclusion Prayer ---------------- 司會 Presider

詩歌* Closing: 聖詩 Hymn 430 ------------ 會眾 Congregation