Our Church

Chinese United Methodist Church, San Antonio, TX, is a bible believing, Christ-centered church.  In addition to biblical teaching every Sunday, we have bible studies every Friday night in church and a monthly bible study in the homes of our members in New Braunfels, TX. We also have a bible studies class for new believers in our church.

Our congregation consists mainly of a group of closely knitted ethnic Chinese from China and other Southeast Asian countries.

We strive to be a caring and loving church where our Lord’s command of loving one another is carried out.

Our History

This church was started by Rev. William Lee in February, 1986. The church first met in the premises of a Presbyterian church in San Antonio but later moved to the premises of a Baptist church at 802 Oblate Drive in July 1986. This church became a United Methodist church in 1988 and moved into the premises of a United Methodist church at 2740 Hunters St. On August 1, 1991, the church moved to 4756 Research Dr. Rev. Lee passed away in February 26, 1993.
In the middle of February 1993, Rev. Dale Stewart, a retired United Methodist pastor volunteered to help our church, coming every Sunday to preach, to serve Holy Communion and when needed to conduct baptismal, wedding and funeral Services.  It was also in 1993 when our church moved into the premises of the University United Methodist church at 5084 De Zavala Road.
Rev. Paul Yeun joined Rev. Stewart to partner with him in carrying out the
ministry of this church on October 1994. At this time, our church moved to the Present address at 6487 Whitby Road, the campus of the Methodist Mission Home.
This church was reconstituted in 1998. The Southwest Texas Conference invited Our current pastor Samuel Yu to pastor this church from January 1999.

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